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About Skill Indawo

Here at Skill Indawo, we’re deeply aware that the new world of work requires:

•  new ways of thinking about work;

•  new forms of organising; and the

•  continuous reskilling and upskilling of employees.

It’s crucial for organisations to address all three elements if they want to continue to thrive, contribute to economic development and satisfy multiple stakeholders.

That’s why we’ve partnered with leading organisations and individuals (locally and internationally) to bring you the latest thinking and capabilities to address your current and future business challenges. These include world-class training programmes, workshops, conferences, consulting and advisory services.

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Conferences, Seminars & Workshops


Human Resources Summit 2024

21-22 February 2024

People first: Driving organisational excellence through HR


Organisational Development 2024

28-29 February 2024

Ensuring the sustainability of an organisationto meet the dynamic demands of work


AI in HR Online
Half-Day Seminar

5 March 2024

Enhancing HR with Artificial Intelligence from a Practical Standpoint


HR Director
Conference 2024

12-13 March 2024

Leading HR Transformation: Purpose, People, and Performance


Benefits of attending

Stay abreast of your industry and market changes

Our online conferences will give you the opportunity to hear how other organisations are managing the impact of COVID-19.


You’ll learn what’s working for them, what’s not, and why.

Unlock innovative solutions

Delve into case studies from leading local and international organisations and discover new solutions to some of your most immediate challenges right now.

Explore new ways of working

Get practical information from experts that is specific to your organisation. Our online conferences explore new ideas to improve your approach during difficult times.


We cut through the clutter and deliver authentic, high-level content specific to your organisation.

Break out of your comfort zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone is just the type of action required right now to discard traditional ways of thinking and create new mindsets for a changed world of work.

Cost effective and time-saving!

By attending an online conference, you will save on travel expenses, time, accommodation cost, and more.


Our online conferences are hosted on efficient online platforms with easy access at a much lower investment than physical conferences, and we are able to extend this saving to you.

Learn at your own pace

Our online conferences are recorded and available to all paying customers after the conference, so you can download the full conference and refer to the presentations in your own time,

at your own pace.

Meet a global audience

Connect with a larger and more international audience, many whom you’d never be able to meet at a physical conference.


The wide range of perspectives that come up during question session will unearth even more possibilities.

Connect with potential clients

Network and connect with executive leaders and decision makers. With nearly three decades of experience and a reputation for providing service of uncompromising quality with exceptional passion, our online conferences attract many executive leaders and decision makers in business today.

Speaker opportunities

Speaker Opportunities

We are committed to providing value for money and have a reputation for providing a service of uncompromising quality with exceptional passion.  We are facilitators who offer current, innovative material that reflects the fresh vision we exude for the world of work.

We are proud to say that our portfolio of speakers and facilitators, both local and international,
includes some of the major business leaders today.

Here are some of the prerequisites for joining our portfolio of speakers and facilitators:


Published books and/or articles with recognised publisher/

magazine etc.

Diploma +

Excellent track

record in

respective field

Senior manager /director within an organisation

Current, high-quality workshop/




In-House Training

We understand the value of ongoing development for every individual and organisation. Training your staff and keeping your skills and knowledge up to date means that you remain competitive and current in a fast-paced and evolving world.

We deliver the ultimate solution to meet your customised objectives, cutting your training costs and dramatically improving your organisation’s performance.

InHouse Training

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